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Want to join our crew?

The right person will be...

  • A Team Player. We want to cultivate the best vibe, so that we have the best tribe! You want to connect with other like minded stylists and build each other up.

  • Be ALL in on customer service. We want to be known for being the best salon around. You have to bring your "A game" when it comes to giving the best guest experience. And, always looking for ways to improve.

  • Professional. You know when to have fun, and when to tame it down. You’ve got your game face on when you’re in the salon.

  • Fashionable & put together. Yoga pants and messy buns are our favs too, but only on our days off. Jeans are always welcome!

  • Love social media. You are skilled at taking pics and videos with your phone

  • Want to be the best. You’ve got some serious hair career goals, and more.

  • Love education. You can’t image not taking more and more classes; even when it’s your 5th balayage class this year. You know there’s always a golden nugget in every class.

  • Organized & work clean. Seriously, we have nearly an all white salon, so no slopping hair color all over the place.

  • Committed. We are looking for people who are committed to signing a lease for no less than 3 months, so we know you will give it a serious try at being part of our Crew.

  • Fun. Becoming a part of the crew is more than just work. It's about having fun in this career we love, and enjoying our time together.

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