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The Crew

Our crew is made up of the most positive, passoniate, like minded stylists. Together we strive to create the ultimate guest experience for you. While also bringing the latest in techniques and science to give you hair that you are obsessed with! 


Meet Our Dream Team!

Jamie Lee-4.jpg
Jamie Lee

Jamie is the founder of The Copper & Clover Beauty Co. She is passionate about lived in dimensional color that fits your lifestyle. And providing you the best atmosphere to do it in. She believes giving you hair that you're obsessed with will only help give you the confidence you need to live a life you love

-Halo Extensions
-Soft Blondes
-Multi-tonal Brunettes


-Chunky Highlights
-Platinum Blondes


*Always down for a chick flick and popcorn
*Has been really into making mocktails
*Girl Mama
*LOVES nerding out on knowledge, whether it's how ingredients work, or how the stock market works
*Adventure lover
*Addicted to my 5 min makeup routine

Jessica Marie

Jess is passionate about bringing you the best guest experience around. She loves to take care of her clients while giving them beautiful, low maintenance, dimensional color.

-Enhancing your Natural Beauty
Maintenance Trends/Extensions


-Chunky Highlights/Layers
-Short Cuts

*Dog Mom obsessed with her 5 lb Yorkie, Remy
*Loves being outside with a good book
*Loves fishing, hiking, and finding new trails
*Never passes down a trip to the local brewery or winery with the gals!


Shannon Demont

Shannon is a multitalented, award winning hairstylist and photographer with many years of experience in both fields. She specializes in lived in blonding, and bridal. She is always working hard to perfect her talents and strives to make her guests experience top notch.

-Hand Painting
-Color Melting 


-Pixie Cuts
-Extension Installs
-Double Process Colors


*Homeschool Mama
*Boy Mom x 3
*Licensed Massage Therapist
*Lover of Ice Cream
*Photography Connoisseur
*Obsessed with all things travel

Allie Fiske

Allie has a passion for all things extensions and dimension. She strives to give you the hair of your dreams. But what she is most passionate about is connceting with people. She beleives it's more than just great hair.

-Corrective Colors
-Short Cuts
-Bridal Styling


-Seamless extension Installs 
-Low maintenance Blondes
-Dimensional Brunettes

-Mermaid Hair


*An adventure girl who loves hiking and snowboarding
*Loves getting outside of her comfort zone
*Loves to travel and explore new places
*Never passes down a trip to the local brewery or winery with the gals!


Jurein Torres

Jurein is a master of balayage and color specialist! She loves the creativity that balayage gives her to create the most gorgeous dimensional color. Having the opportunity to see her guests feel beautiful AND confident gives her so much joy!

-IBE Extensions


-Platinum Blondes


*Chinchilla Mom
*Has been really into making mocktails
*Enjoys hiking and staying active
*LOVES being spontaneous in life when it comes to trips and weekend activities
*Lover of the outdoors

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