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We can't wait to meet you!

We know that going to a new salon, or trying a new stylist, can sometimes be intimidating. We want to eliminate any stress so you can truly enjoy your visit at The Copper & Clover Beauty Co.


Let's Get Started

We are so excited to serve you! With an extra emphasis on guest service, we love to offer THE best luxury experience around in a laid back atmosphere. We specialize in dimensional, lived in color, and strive to give you hair you will be obsessed with.

To start take a look at our Crew page to meet our talented team of Stylists. This is where you can get to know a little bit about each of us, to see who might be a great fit for you.

At Copper & Clover we are all independent stylists, so our services and pricing can vary. You can easily view each stylists services and pricing under there bio's, to better help you decide which stylist may be the best fit.

Next you will fill out the New Guest Request Form. This is a short series of prompts to ensure you have made the best choice. We want you to have the best experience and that starts with matching you up with the perfect stylist for you!


Before your visit

Your experience will begin with a confirmation text, to confirm that your appointment has been made. This will be followed by a text to confirm your appointment one week prior, and finally a 48 hour reminder message.

We love when you gather inspiration photos before your first visit, as we find this is a great way to visually get on the same page.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at our salon, you will see we are located in the middle of three units, and that parking is conveniently right in front of the salon.

Before you enter you will have received a text prompting you to fill out your experience customization form. You can fill this out in your car before you enter. This is where you will choose your beverage of choice, snacks, and completely tailor your experience.

Once you have filled out your form  you can text us at 978-757-2400 to let us know you have arrived and we will be able to greet you with a warm smile and your drink of choice!

We like to start every appointment with an in depth consultation, as we believe this is the secret sauce to getting hair that you are obsessed with. We will discuss your hair history; as well as create a short and long term plan to ensure we reach your hair goals.


That's a Wrap

Now that you are feeling relaxed, and you look incredible, we’ll wrap up your visit with our product recommendations. We will finish by checking you out with our covid friendly checkout.

Because our mission is to give you obsessive worthy hair, we may want to obsess a little longer, and take some photos for our social media. Because dang girl, you look good!


So, please keep this in mind when coming in for your appointment, if you feel a more camera ready with a little lip gloss make sure to bring it with you! We also encourage neutral clothing as it photographs best. 

Thanks for submitting!

Get in Touch

So, ready to book an appointment? Not sure what service is best for you? Or, just have a question for us? Send us a message! We will respond within 48 hours.

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